How ?

REGENERATION MATRIX group operates at the ecosystem level. We do humanitarian planning, human perm culture, governance, NGO coordination and develop specific programs to treat or repair so that our beneficiaries can have a positive and hopeful future.

Instead of working only at the level of the individual, the house, the group, the neighborhood, we treat the problems to be solved in their entirety across the territory, taking into account the history of people, communities, by assessing their needs on the ground in all the dimensions where it is possible for us to intervene.

Our interventions range from the coordination of NGOs, to the setting up of equipment or urban or rural programs, to the selection or creation of governance technologies, to audits on topics of various dysfunctions of the civil society, to the creation of training groups, discussion group, economic value creation group.

Our field of action is quite broad, which is why we divide our projects into project teams coordinated by Virginie Guignard Legros, our founder. We are currently working on separate but interlinked axes called SPHERES.